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4 leg wire rope sling calculator

William Hackett Sling Calculator is a free app that lets you configure your chain or wire rope sling by taking you through a number of steps. Once completed, the sling specification can be viewed along with a 3D image of exactly how the sling will look.

A part code for the sling is generated and a recommended retail price is given.

Wire Rope Four Leg Sling

This key feature is great for when working on site. Once you have the app downloaded, please fill out your details in the account settings and create an account for free. You will then be given a summary page, where it will list your requirements. This is what you have inputted into the calculator. It will also give you a sling specification, this is the sling that the calculator has generated for you based on your requirements.

A part code, sling description, RRP and 3D image is also visible on this page. Request quote will email your sling specification and quote to the email address inputted in account settings. You can also change your account settings from here. If you would like to integrate the sling calculator into your own website using your corporate branding, please click here to view our integration guide.

Sling Angle Information

Like most sites this site uses cookies : By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our cookie policy. Sling Calculator Mobile app now available, search for Sling calculator and download for free! The sling calculator will take you through the following steps: Product selection — Choose grade 8, grade 10 or auto. If auto is selected, the app will work out the cheapest option for you based on the sling specification. How many legs — Select how many legs you require on your sling.

Weight of load — Input the weight of the load to be lifted by the sling Headroom — Select whether headroom is restricted or not. Leg length — Do you know the nominal leg length? If yes, simply input the length. If no, use the diagram to help you and input the distance between the lifting points. The sling calculator will then work out the required leg length. Terminations — Select shortening device if any and lower termination. Download the Sling Calculator. Site Search Site Search:.Four Leg with Hooks.

Capacity: 1. Leg Length: 4 feet. Application: For general purpose overhead lifting using bridle hitch arrangement with quadruple pick points. Hoisting point is directly over the center of gravity of the load, the load is raised while level.

Intended for crane applications, lifting, rigging, and material handling uses. Assembly incorporates an oblong master link, and leg-end standard latched sling hooks. The bridle hitch provides excellent load stability when the load is distributed equally among the wire rope legs. Elongated master link attachment allows additional clearance at the hoisting connection.

Fabricated from extra improved plow steel EIPS. Rope with diameter of up to 1 inch has an outer rope formed of 6 strands with 25 wires per strand.

Bears a tag displaying the rated capacity. A low quality wire rope sling can cause injury and damage. A look-alike wire rope sling often found at lower prices is also often advertised to conform to the same safety standards if at all. Be aware that it may refer to safety ratings in effect decades ago.

Be assured that we only sell the highest quality wire rope slings and our advertised safety standards conform to the current ASME standards. The capacity is reduced as the angle of use declines. See drawing below how a 1, lbs sling capacity is reduced as the angle of use declines.

The capacity of the sling is always highest at a 90 degree angle of use and smallest at an angle of 30 degrees or less. The chain sling has the advantage of being durable, very flexible and its length can be made adjustable. It will tolerate a wide range of temperatures; however, compared to other types, it is relatively expensive and, depending upon the grade of chain used, relatively heavy. The wire rope sling is not as flexible as chain but its greater stiffness can be an advantage if it has to be inserted through a small opening or beneath a load.

However, when wrapped around a load, the wire rope sling often tends to deform permanently to the shape of the load. Wire rope suitable for slings comes in a variety of grades and constructions. In most cases looping back and securing the loop with a metal sleeve terminates the rope.

This forms a loop or soft eye, the simplest form of sling end. Thimbles are used to support and protect the eye from abrasion.System T galvanized steel wire rope with top link and end fittings. Standard delivery Working length 1 meter Option Longer lengths. Higher capacities. Currently this product cannot be added to an online quote.

Please contact us directly for enquires. Find out how REMA can make your work easier. ABOUT REMA is a leading European brand in the lifting industry, offering a broad range of equipment with more than products including: hoists, lifting clamps, chain and polyester slings, cargo securing systems and much more. REMA products are exclusively available via a carefully selected network of retailers and lifting specialists.

Digital documentation available All REMA products meet strict requirements, bear the CE mark and are manufactured in accordance with the European machinery directive. Full support for retailers and users REMA makes sure your work is made easier with its broad product range, product support and personalised advice tailored to your specific situation. We use cookies to analyse the use of the website and to improve its ease of use.

More information.Thimbles greatly improve sling longevity by protecting the rope at connection points. When wire rope is bent around a load, or diameter, the rope strength is decreased. My Account Register Log in Wishlist 0. Web Slings. Round Slings. Twin-Path Slings. Cargo Slings. Special Purpose Slings. Specialty Products. Sling Protection. Bridle Assemblies. Rope Slings. Wire Rope Slings. Chain Slings. Wire Mesh Slings. Utility Slings. Tool Bags. Wind Industry.

Wire Rope Sling Capacities

Container Lifting Assemblies. Marine Slings. Rail Industry Slings. Mining Slings. Hoist Rings. Eye Bolts. Sling Systems. Material Basket. Lifting Beams.

4 leg wire rope sling calculator

Modulift Spreader Systems. Pallet Lifters. Sheet Lifters.

4 leg wire rope sling calculator

Clamps, Grabs and Tongs. Fork Beams. Load Leveling Slings. Beam Clamps. Tie Down Assemblies.If the weight of a body is W - the load in the wire is. The capacity of two wires with angle 30 o to the vertical line is The calculator below can be used to calculate the wire rope forces. Note that mass kg and not weight N is used as input. Add standard and customized parametric components - like flange beams, lumbers, piping, stairs and more - to your Sketchup model with the Engineering ToolBox - SketchUp Extension - enabled for use with the amazing, fun and free SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro.

We don't collect information from our users. Only emails and answers are saved in our archive. Cookies are only used in the browser to improve user experience. Some of our calculators and applications let you save application data to your local computer. These applications will - due to browser restrictions - send data between your browser and our server.

We don't save this data. Google use cookies for serving our ads and handling visitor statistics. AddThis use cookies for handling links to social media. Please read AddThis Privacy for more information. If you want to promote your products or services in the Engineering ToolBox - please use Google Adwords. Slings angles affects ropes capacities. If angle - alpha - is measured between the vertical line as with gravity forceand the rope or wire the relative capacity compared to a vertical straight lifting is reduced with rduction factor as indicated below.

Two Slings mass kg lenght - a m height - h m Three Slings mass kg lenght - a m height - h m Four Slings mass kg lenght - a m lenght - b m height - h m. Tag Search en: wire rope slings es: eslingas de cable de: Seilschlingen. Privacy We don't collect information from our users. Citation This page can be cited as Engineering ToolBox, Wire Rope Slings. Modify access date. Scientific Online Calculator. Make Shortcut to Home Screen?Securely hook these slings to a load that has lift attachments.

Lightweight and flexible, web slings are less likely than other slings to mar, scratch, or dent fragile loads. They include a tag that shows the material, length, and capacities in each configuration. Made of nylon, these slings stretch to minimize shock to the load and withstand greasy conditions. Warning: Never use to lift people or items over people. Latching hooks allow you to quickly release a load.

4 leg wire rope sling calculator

The chain provides strength and ruggedness to withstand harsh working conditions. Slings include a tag that shows chain grade and size, length, and capacities in each configuration.

Stainless steel slings are corrosion resistant. Prevent accidental opening of the hook with these locking hooks. Grab hooks can securely hold onto a single link of chain to shorten a leg or create loops. The chain provides strength and ruggedness to withstand the harshest working conditions. For use with loads that have lift attachments, these slings attach quickly and securely.

They are more abrasion and cut resistant than web and round slings, yet lighter in weight than mesh and chain slings. They include a tag that shows capacities in each configuration. Contact Us Order. Log in. Create password.

To create your password, open the email from McMaster-Carr Sales. Enter your email and we will email you a link to reset your password. Email Please enter an email. To reset your password, click on the link in the email sent from McMaster-Carr. To sign in, your browser must accept cookies.Wire rope slings are a basic material handling tool used to harness various kinds of goods and are the most common type of sling used in industry for lifting applications.

Wire rope consists of strands of metal wire twisted in a helix around a core. A steel wire rope sling is the standard because of its strength, durability, abrasion resistance, and ability to conform to the shape of the load. The most common type of wire sling consists of a length of wire rope with a loop or eye on one or both ends, secured by a sleeve, for attachment to the load. Rope slings with eyes on both ends are sometimes called "eye and eye" slings.

Configurations for wire rope lifting slings include single and multi-part slings, grommets, chokers, and single or multi-leg bridles. A wide variety of fittings and attachments are also available.

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